Angry Orchard Walden Hollow

Angry Orchard is of course one of the big names in mass-produced American cider, but they also make some interesting products as part of their Ciderhouse Collection.  Walden Hollow is described as follows on the website:

Walden Hollow is an annual vintage cider made with our cider maker’s choice of heirloom New York state apples varieties, including apples from the Angry Orchard in Walden, NY. The 2016 edition is a mildly tannic, off dry cider with intense apple aroma and notes of butterscotch and almond. The cider makers wanted to capture the essence of wild fermentation, but without the funkiness or sour qualities sometimes associated with the process.

Like the rest of the Ciderhouse Collection, it comes in 750mL bottles; it costs about $15, and it’s 8% ABV.

Initial ratings:

  • Sweetness: 2/5
  • Bubbliness: 2.2/5
  • Complexity: 2.5/5
  • Tannin: 1.7/5

Ben’s comments:

Nose is mildly yeasty, but it really doesn’t smell like much at all.  The flavor is intensely tart and fruity, reminiscent of applesauce or baked tart apples.  It’s probably got a good bit of residual sugar, but the tartness balances the sweetness nicely.  Tons of nice dessert-apple flavor, with just a hint of bitterness.  There’s a lingering tart finish.

  • 7.2/10

Phil’s comments:

Very slight yeast nose, lots of tart fruity apple taste while still being nicely dry, quite tart but not actually very tannic, nice drinking, fruit forward but a bit lacking in classic true bittersharp cider apples in the blend.  I like it but not as much as Strawman.
  • 7.0/10

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