Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouché Organic

Here’s a cider from Normandy, which we don’t review (or drink) all that often.  This is the Organic cider from Dupont.  The website has a lot of details about the cider and how it’s made, which are always interesting to read.  The cider is 5.5% ABV and comes in 750mL bottles for about $15.

Initial ratings:

  • Sweetness: 2.75/5
  • Bubbliness: 3.6/5
  • Complexity: 3.1/5
  • Tannin: 3/5
  • Temperature: Cellar (55°F)

Phil’s notes:

Some pleasant wild funk on the nose.  Bubbly, medium sweet, nice mouthfeel and tanin, good lingering apple flavor finish, lacks acid to balance the sweetness.  Enjoyable but I think it would be improved if it was allowed to go dryer and let the apples shine more.  Across the industry the term “brut” has lost all meaning, Ben had to remind me it is supposed to imply a dry product.

  • 7.3/10

Ben’s notes:

Slightly funky wild-yeast nose.  Medium sweetness blended with rich bittersweet apple flavor.  Nice full mouthfeel, but not overly bubbly.  Sweetness could possibly use a little more acidity to balance it.  Finish is sweet, somehow reminiscent of perry.  Though I agree with Phil that calling it “brut” is a bit of a stretch, overall it’s a pleasant flavorful cider, very characteristically French.

  • 7.4/10

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