Fuchshof Most

We don’t see much German cider around here, but here’s one.  Most is one of several German words for cider; Apfelwein and Viez are others.  Fuchshof Most is actually an apple/pear (Äpfel/Birnen) blend; here’s what the label says:

Classic German Cider, produced with Braeburn & Jonagold apples and Austrian Speckbirne & Schweizer Wasserbirne pears.

The website says more about the fruit and the cider (in German).  Anyway, Fuchshof Most comes in 750mL bottles for about $13, and is 5.5% ABV.

Initial observations:

  • Sweetness: 1.7/5
  • Bubbliness: 3/5
  • Complexity: 3.2/5
  • Tannin: 2.3/5
  • Temperature: Cellar (57°F)

Phil’s notes:

Apple/pear mix, fermented until fairly dry but the eating pear sorbitol gives it a sweet initial flavor. Bright tart apple finish, a little tannic peel taste but not much bitter cider apple taste. The flavors are better melded than the Asian pear cider blend we had last, well made but lacking in true cider apple or perry flavors which makes it less to my taste than strong ciders or perry.

  • 6.99/10

Ben’s notes:

Lots of fruity pear on the nose.  The flavor starts out peary and tart with some hints of sweetness from the pear sorbitol.  The mouthfeel is full and pleasantly bubbly.  On the finish the flavor switches from fruity pear to bitter apple-skin; this seems to happen most of the time with apple/pear blends, but here the transition is smooth and not too abrupt.  Though this isn’t an overly complex drink, overall it’s a nicely balanced pear/apple blend.

  • 7.2/10

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